Tour Support

A tour of any kind is a particular challenge for any service provider. It requires extraordinary planning concerning logistics, technology, crew and authorities. All these things are not new to our experienced crew and can be taken care of in a professional routined manner. We have accompanied numerous tours through Europe and were glad to receive positive feedback of the audiences as well as the organizers.

Laserfabrik David Guetta Tour 2018 01
Laserfabrik David Guetta Tour 2018 08

We are aware of the high importance of a working cooperation throughout the whole team on a tour, since the success of every single show and the complete tour is significantly dependent on a team that works like clockwork. Special conditions on site have to be solved competently and also special productions for the realization of the desired show concept are prepared and tested, so that the daily tour routine can run smoothly. Here, too, our professional equipment helps us to achieve an outstanding result for everyone involved.

Other Services

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