Laserfabrik Apache 207 Zugabe Tour 03

Apache 207 Zugabe-Tour

The shining center of attention

What do you do when your fans can't get enough of you? You do an encore! In this case, Apache 207 gave a complete encore tour in January 2023. Five cities with completely sold-out arenas.

To give this encore that special something, we were fortunate to accompany the tour with an extraordinary set-up. In the middle of the arenas on a platform eight meters above the spectators, we were able to realize a staging that offered an incomparable experience, especially for the thousands of fans in the stands.

Apache 207 as the shining center of attention, wrapped in a cylinder of light - much closer to the ecstatic audience than just on the main stage. With this additional tour, he secured the hearts of his fans once again and we are proud to have been a part of it.

Date: 2023
Job: Timecode Lasershow
Event Type: Concert Tour


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