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Events and IT – we deliver temporarily solutions for rock-solid wired and wireless coverage for internet-access and local data servers, cashless payment, access control platforms, as well as large-scale private- and public Wi-Fi hot spots and independent VoIP / GSM / LTE / 5G coverage for voice and data communication.

Providing your events with all network core components – hardware, software and service.

Our enthusiastic and internationally experienced crew is keen on mastering any technical or logistical challenge. Our long list of extraordinary events proves that we carefully listen to our clients’ wishes and needs, even by developing new technical solutions to achieve not only rock-solid network, but also internet connectivity of any kind.

Reliable Outdoor-Capable Carrier-Grade Equipment

A network can only function as well as the installed hardware allows. Since we know that you depend on a functioning infrastructure, eventCORE uses only the highest quality equipment. Whether WIFI6, GSM, LTE or 5G - even our wireless solutions are protected according to IP65 and ensure secure communication at your event, even if your event is threatened by extreme weather conditions. Hence exactly at the time when a secure connection is crucial!

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High-Speed Internet Anywhere

A unique location with breathtaking scenery is exactly what you were looking for? Most of the time, planning events at special locations is difficult because the necessary infrastructure is missing. Where electricity and water can be realized very well mobile nowadays, a stable internet connection often causes serious problems, although - now more than ever - a reliable network access is necessary in many work processes.

With our years of experience and partners in the telecommunications industry, we can establish a stable and reliable internet connection at any location. We have customized solutions for a wide range of applications - whether high-performance wireless connections conquering distances up to 100 km or bidirectional multi-gigabit connections.

Private GSM, LTE and 5G Networks

We are our own network operator - independent of the public mobile network providers. What sounds cumbersome and difficult offers significant advantages at events. For example, it is possible to define and manage exactly which participant gets access, which bandwidths are allocated and when which information is sent. But the key advantage is security and reliability, which can only be achieved with a private solution - and beats conventional WLAN or public network operators hands down.

The technology mix we rely on is as diverse as our personnel. Whether GSM for a stable area-wide connection, LTE with VoLTE for a fast connection and telephony in HD quality or the latest 5G technology for maximum speeds, real-time applications and IoT. We also enable time-critical transmission of surveillance information and camera data and deliver an extremely stable network.

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Temporary Telephone Systems

Communication is the key to any successful event. Whether backstage, in the production office or in the security center, there is always something to discuss. Secure and reliable telephone systems are a solid solution to avoid communication via interference-prone radio and overloaded public mobile networks. Reliable communication prevents any danger to your event.

Last but not least, we have specially tailored solutions to integrate common intercom systems, as found on many stages, into our telephone system. Whether stage manager, production office, or ticket hotline - everyone can reach exactly the people they need information from. Always, reliably and simply - and no matter what the weather.

Event Support and Monitoring of Critical Network Structure:

"Showtime" and suddenly nothing works?! The nightmare for every event organizer, and the audience is waiting. Unfortunately, this not only depresses the mood, but can also quickly have costly and security-relevant consequences. Imagine they have a cashless POS system with no network access and thousands of visitors in front of the counters - or a security center where the police suddenly can't view video feeds from cameras.

To ensure that exactly such a case does not occur, every event with eventCORE has not only only first-class, redundant technology, but also an experienced team in the background, which monitors every irregularity in the entire network with the latest network monitoring software and hundreds of sensors. Problems become apparent at an early stage and can be solved by experts after a quick containment before a failure even occurs.

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Admission Gates and Cashless Pay

"Simplify the World." A simple motto that has accompanied technical progress for years. At the same time, it's why visitors to events expect modern, fast and easy payment and access options.

Modern access systems offer a simple and necessary measure to control visitor flows and provide organizers with important information. Particular emphasis is placed on a reliable system.

Here, eventCORE's technology for access restrictions meets the highest demands and can act completely independently and precisely thanks to online database synchronization and offline backup. Whether wired or wireless, problems never become failures due to backup connections.

eventCORE ensures that even smart gates sinking in the festival mud or the most remote and storm-ridden counter on the campsite still have an uplink, even if selling becomes almost impossible.

Visitor Monitoring and Movement Data Analysis

Knowing what's happening on the event site at all times, monitoring problem areas and preparing valuable information for authorities and security service providers to make sure everything works. Whether the so-called "Crowd Surveillance" or "Crowd Management" functionality, reliable data is needed first and foremost for an evaluation of data.

eventCORE not only offers an appropriate network structure that routes every signal to its receiver, but we are also well equipped for data collection and can provide you with ready-made systems from a single source. Everything is geared to your event. Whether video feeds from battery-buffered 360° PTZ cameras, light barriers, IR cameras with night vision function, access monitoring via RFID chips or visitor flow evaluations via WLAN, Bluetooth and camera AI - everything is possible.

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Hybrid events are the key to a modern marketing mix. To ensure your show reaches its audience digitally without glitches and outages, your event needs a secure network infrastructure and technicians who know how to prioritize networks.

In order to ensure that critical content such as video streams, short broadcasts, real-time audio or e-sports can always be transmitted reliably, eventCORE relies on technologies that meet the highest demands for any hardware, thus guaranteeing enormous fail-safety.

With additional redundant uplinks and secure backup solutions, you can be confident that your media content will arrive exactly where it is needed. Whether classic RTSP or RTMP streams or low-latency protocols, we have the right solution from non-critical to real-time. Here, we rely on AVB and PtPv2, among others.

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