Elaborate TV and stage productions with many sets and numerous actors are a constant challenge for producers, stage managers and directors. Not only the logistics backstage, but especially the demanding productions on stage require exact planning and show great organizational talent. One particular challenge, for example, is not to cover the high-gloss stage floor with stickers, but still to get all the stage structures and dancers in the right position in record time.

Laserfabrik Scene Ray 03
Laserfabrik stage marking AIDA Nova Studio X

At this point, we have already been able to support various productions in the past with numerous laser projectors that have drawn in the positions on the stage floor, thus enabling a set-up without any markings visible in the camera image. This system has already proven itself at the Eurovision Song Contest as well as the Helene Fischer Show, among others, and was named sceneRAY by us. It is based on a special software, which is controlled by a normal DMX console and therefore allows a fast and easy handling.

Any shapes, numbers or markings are possible and can take one more worry away from the stage manager - smooth, fast and invisible transitions guaranteed!

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