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The Ultimate Experience – A glowing Event by Schiller x laserfabrik

What happens when you bring together a world-renowned sound visionary, pop and ambient artist and a professional laser operator in a 40 square meter room? That's right! You conjure up a unique laser show that will not be forgotten.

With our collaboration for the album "Summer in Berlin", we and the Schiller team put on a show that had never been seen before - "The Ultimate Experience."

Recorded for the bonus blue-ray, a mix of different live controlled laser sources were used, filling the room with proper laser power. In addition, the laser beams were amplified by placing mirrors at various points in the room to simultaneously do visual justice to Schiller's multidimensional sound.

The "BERLIN-MOSCOW Experience" created in this way shows in a breathtaking way how two different art styles, namely that of music and laser art can create something wonderful in interaction.

Date: 2020
Job: Live-Lasershow
Event Typ: Video-Concert-Production


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