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Untold Festival

A mystical world without creative limits

In 2015, the organizers of the UNTOLD festival in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, start telling a truly extraordinary story. Within its five-year existence, UNTOLD has already been named Best Major Festival three times at the European Festival Awards, making it one of the best festivals worldwide. A varied line-up with the top artists of the respective genres, acting productions and an elaborate production with countless details in decoration and program on ten different stages lead the more than 370,000 visitors into a mystical world where there are no creative limits.

In 2019, laserfabrik GmbH was included in the special history of UNTOLD with the fifth edition of the festival - the "Chapter 5". 22 powerful RGB lasers illuminated the sky with innumerable effects and at night added a whole new breathtaking dimension to the already impressive stage design, captivating the audience on all four days.

Date: since 2019
Job: Live-Lasershow
Event Type: Festival


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