Electro - from Kraftwerk to Techno

Düsseldorf celebrates Kraftwerk with spectacular laser show

As an audiovisual intro for the exhibition project "Electro - from Kraftwerk to Techno" at the Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, we programmed a spectacular laser show in collaboration with media artist and producer Klaus Gendrung and the electro pioneers of "Kraftwerk".

In the process, the Tonhalle Düsseldorf became the setting for this multimedia installation from December 8th to 18th 2021, which focused on songs by the group - especially the "Trans-Europa Express".

To let the Tonhalle shine completely in the glow of the technovisionaries, we mainly focused on precise laser mapping and a beam show taking place on the roof, which could offer a colorful spectacle in harmony with the music. Thousands of spectators per day could marvel at the show for 10 days and witness the interaction of music and lasers live.

Date: 2021
Job: Timecode Lasershow
Event Type: Art Project


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