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NYE Rome, Arachnophilia

„How to hear the universe in a spider/web: A live concert for/by Invertebrate Rights"

- This was the title of the very special concert we accompanied with our lasers on New Year's Eve in Rome.

The mission of the art project was the following: In collaboration with Studio Tomas Saraceno and laser equipment from LaserAnimation Sollinger, we sent several laser beams into the sky from three locations, targeting different star constellations - from IC417 (Spider Nebula) to Perseus, Gemini and Uranus.

During the 90-minute performance, the slowly moving positions of stars and planets along the Earth's rotation were continuously compensated.

All laser locations were synchronized in advance, thus realizing a sequence control accurate to milliseconds over many kilometers.

To further connect to the concert, the beam was modulated in unison with the artists' music, as a message to the heavens and the unification of earth, time and space! - For each of our technicians, there was the possibility to manually modulate their own private message over the soundtrack and send it to the stars in real time!

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Date: 2020
Job: Live-Lasershow
Event Type: Concert


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