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AIDA nova

A ship full of superlatives and special effects.

The AIDAnova is the first cruise ship to be awarded the Blue Angel in 2019, for an environmentally friendly ship design. She is the world's first cruise ship to be able to run on 100 percent environmentally friendly liquefied natural gas as fuel. With 2,500 cabins and a choice of 20 different cabin categories, the ship can accommodate nearly 5,000 passengers.

On board the AIDAnova, we have set up a fixed installation in the Beach Club, the Theatrium and the TV studio, with 33 devices and a total of 114 laser outputs.It can play 36 different timecode shows, 14 of which have additional video content.

Studio X is the first TV studio on the high seas where real TV shows can be produced. We have also set up laser projectors, as stage markers, in this studio. SceneRay makes it possible to mark or label certain positions with lasers, allowing for quick and numerous stage set-ups.

Whether it's wild party nights, a spectacular stage show or "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" in Studio X, it's guaranteed never to be boring on this ship!

Date: since 2018
Job: Timecode-Show
Event Type: Permanent Installation


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