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Timecode Shows

The classic among laser shows is the (so-called) time code show – you can compare this special form of light show with a perfectly directed orchestra – every movement fits, every nuance of the music is translated visually and turned into an optical and acoustic gourmet meal. This multi-media experience develops an emotional impact at any scale by extensive and detailed pre-programming in our in-house studio.

Laserfabrik Timecode Shows
Laserfabrik Timecode Shows

Specifically chosen musical titles – partially newly composed or arranged – allow the spectator to dive into another world. And not only that, but as soon as the first precisely programmed laser beams cut through the air and translate the acoustic impressions into a visually perceptible level, the element of light becomes a three dimensional experience and arouses emotions, that will not be easily forgotten. In combination with projections of slogans and logos or pictures these shows cannot only emotionalize the viewer but also communicate a message with a more intense impact. Another option are combinations with video projections, pyrotechnics and conventional lighting. Any concept can be implemented by our team and we are able to adjust our shows to (almost) any budget. Simply ask our colleagues and we will gladly consult you to achieve the best possible outcome!


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