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X-FEL Opening Hamburg

European XFEL Generates Extremely Intense X-Ray Flashes

Unnoticed by the public in the last years a research facility that the scientific world has impatiently been waiting for has been dug far into the ground underneath of Hamburg. Numerous kilometer long underground tunnels merge in one huge laboratory plant at the gates of the city that will bring forth developments to influence our future life significantly. Starting from the optimization of solar modules to the research of vaccines – the research work of this mammoth project will influence the products of the future.

    • Date: Since 2016
    • Job: Live Lasershow
    • Event Type:  Inauguration

Laser Beams, Illuminated from Several Buildings of the City of Hamburg

To illustrate the importance of the X-FEL opening to the public and in order to greet the facility from Hamburg we were assigned to implement laser beams that would shine from several buildings in the city of Hamburg exactly toward the new research facility in Schenefeld.
Additionally, we projected a welcome onto the walls of the Elbphilharmonic and set up a 100W laser from this exciting building towards the X-FEL, visualizing the main tunnels of the system with a length of 3,4 km.

Many thanks go out to the complete team of the X-FEL and to the authorities for science, research and equality of the city of Hamburg for this impressive project!

Impressions of the X-FEL Opening



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