Lasershow Nature One

Nature One

Nature One

Laser Roof at Nature One

No other festival celebrates the message „make peace, not war” just like the Nature One does.
Tens of thousands of happy people party open air to bass heavy techno sounds – and this on a former missile launching base!  Rightly the Nature One festival is also known as the mother of all techno festivals in Germany. We have been a steady partner for this wonderful event for many years and provide effects for the main stage, the century circus and the Masters of Hardcore tent as well as the legendary “Laser Roof”.

    • Date: Since 2006
    • Job: Live Lasershow
    • Event Type: Festival

Grand Firework Finale

Together with our Partner FOG we are also responsible for the grand firework finale and all special effects on the previously mentioned floors. The excited reactions of the ravers when the sky is being set on fire to the sounds of Nature One Allstars is what we aim for at the end of the day.

Impressions of Our Laser Show at the Nature One

Watch the Official Nature One 2017 Aftermovie


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