Lasershow The Memory of Yan' an

The Memory of Yan’an

The Memory of Yan’an – 14-Minute Long 270° Show

Seldomly you have the chance to use a cultural heritage site as a stage for a multi-media production. This is why the realization of this 14-minute long 270° show was a very special project with our partners from. Despite all technical and logistical challenges on site we were able to create a breathtaking overall experience, where bright! had the leading roll concerning concept and creation.

Apart from our laser designer and an operator our partner company Laserworld China took care of of the technical implantation of this permanent installation. All in all, it was brilliant team work under difficult circumstances with an excellent result.

    • Date: Since 2016
    • Job: Permant Installation
    • Event Type: Art Installation

Impressions of Memory of Yan’an

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