Light Festival Canton Tower Guangzhou


The Beacon of Guangzhou

Every year, the International Light Festival in Guangzhou, China is a spectacular overall experience that captivates passers-by and visitors alike. In 2018, we were able to create a highlight by using the Canton Tower as the centerpiece of numerous light installations by various artists. Over the course of ten days, we amazed the audience several times in the evening with a spectacular multimedia show.


As one of the ten highest buildings in the world, we were proud to stage the tower appropriately. The script including light and laser design, music composition and sound effects was produced in our studio, technically planned and carried out on site. More than 35 laser projectors as well as countless moving heads and multi-channel sound systems were used to immerse the Canton Tower in a unique light and sound atmosphere.


The already existing LED wash lighting of the tower was completely integrated into our show and reprogrammed accordingly. Only Lasergraph DSP Controllers were used for laser control. These were located at central points on an area of more than 220,000 m² and distributed up to the over 460 m high tower. Due to the purely network-based ShowNET technology, analog cabling was completely avoided and the interaction with conventional light and the sound system could be reproduced absolutely synchronously at any time.


The consequently interference-free and absolutely precise signal transmission was essential for this project, which attracted more than 100,000 spectators at the peak times of the Light Festival, and ensured a constantly reliable control of the entire system.

    • Date: 2018
    • Job: Art Project
    • Event Type: Art Festival

Impressions of the International Light Festival, Guangzhou