Laserprojektion Koelner Dom Hohenzollernbrücke


solidarity movement

#fightcorona – solidarity movement

In order to set an example of cohesion and prudence, we have made a virtue out of necessity and, with the means at our disposal, have set an example in our home region of Cologne.

A small guerrilla group took it upon itself to make a contribution to encourage the population to do the right thing! Cologne’s most important and significant landmarks became an impressive backdrop to spread messages such as: “fight corona”, “stay strong”, “wash your hands” and “stay home”. The Cologne wisdom “mer ston zesamme” (“we stick together”), which was the guiding theme of the whole event, was of course a must.

Our mobile task force was able to conjure up the cleanest projections on the most diverse surfaces from distances of almost 400 m, which were still perfectly visible from a few kilometres away!

    • Date: 2020
    • Job: Art Project
    • Event Type: Art Festival

Famous Cologne Landmarks – #fightcorona