Lasershow Expo Astana

Expo Astana

Expo Astana

German Pavillion at the EXPO Astana in Kazakhstan

The German pavillion at the EXPO Astana in Kazakhstan was equipped with a customized laser installation for our client insglück Marketing and won the GOLD award for the best implementation of the EXPO’s theme “Future Energy”. Following that motto the energy revolution „Made in Germany“ was made a subject of discussion with stunning visuals and in particular interactive concepts. Our part was to thrill the visitors through the Energy Show’s innovative laser beam installation with video surfaces.

    • Date: 2017
    • Job: Art Project
    • Event Type: Art Installation

Laser Beams Reflected Over Mirrors

Laser beams were sent from the center of a round video table and deflected over mirrors to the surrounding projection walls to interact with the video content. The controls were realized through a special interface connecting video servers with our laser controllers. This not only reduced programming efforts significantly but also made short-term adjustments possible to provide the perfect experience for all 600.000 visitors of the German pavillion.   

Impressions of Our Laser Show at the Expo Astana

Pictures ©Hamburg Messe und Congress/Mapzhan