Lasershow ESC Baku 2012

Eurovision Song Contest Baku

Eurovision Song Contest Baku

 The 57th Eurovision Song Contest

The 57th Eurovision Song Contest was an extraordinary challenging project for us in many ways. Not only was the main setup with 40 individually controllable laser projectors an outstanding size, but the relatively short-notice confirmation put us in front of considerable organizational and logistical tasks.

    • Date: 2012
    • Job: Timecode Shows
    • Event Type: Music Show

Laser Show for Emin Ağalarov

Within only a couple of days we had to coordinate material, crew and transport for the show inside the recently finished Baku Crystal Hall. And even though all crossbeams were already at their final positions underneath the ceiling, our crew managed to put almost 4 km of multicore-cables, ten Workstations and all laser projectors where they needed to be in a matter of only two days. The 15 second laser show for Emin Ağalarov, the Azerbaijani president‘s son in law, was surely the shortest in our history, but also one of the most impressive.