Lasershow David Guetta NYE 2020
David Guetta NYE Concert
- Louvre, Paris -


A Show of Superlatives in Front of the Louvre Museum in Paris

One of our highlights of 2020 was definitely the live show of David Guetta in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris on New Year’s Eve 20/21. Although we already accompany him with our lasers on tours and individual shows since 2016, this time it was something very special and especially a great honor to implement a show of this class in front of the most famous museum in the world.


Shortly after midnight, the broadcast of the Frenchman’s set began, which featured a lot of new music as well as a breathtaking light and laser show. Our task was to make the stage for the glass pyramid look as spectacular as possible. The mapping to all four sides of the iconic building was realized with specially pre-programmed live cues and a total of 20 Phaenon X 30000. This challenge was mastered extremely successfully thanks to many flexible and ready-to-go employees on site, who effectively defied the tough Corona specifications and weather conditions!


Sophisticated programming and matching high-end footage bathed the Louvre courtyard in a fantastic, never-before-seen atmosphere that will be remembered!

    • Date: 2020
    • Job: Live Lasershow
    • Event Type: Live Concert Stream

Impressions of our Laser Mapping on the Louvre Pyramid