Lasershow State of Trance

A State of Trance

Largest Trance Network in the World

In March of 2001 the first „A State of Trance” Show wrote music history. Since then this concept has developed almost religiously following the undisputed master of ceremonies – Armin van Buuren. While he tours the whole world to convert all continents during the rest of the year, in Utrecht you will find the gathering of his worshippers to pay homage to the god of trance through hourlong dancing to his energetic musical performance.
To complete a successful celebration you need goosebump moments in laser light, which were executed by us. Thank you so much for being part of these ceremonies of good taste in music!

    • Date: Since 2015
    • Job: Live Lasershow
    • Event Type: Festival

Impressions of Our Laser Show at A State of Trance