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Lasershow Rainbow

Laser Rental

Our laser equipment is exclusively „made in Germany“ with outstanding manufacturing quality. A quality we, as professionals, can always rely on – and so can you: it is available for dry-hire and sub-rental!

30 W RGB Laser
Pure power and perfect beam quality for an outstanding projection, mapping or most colorful aerial beam effect show. Delivering up to 27 W real white light laser output, perfectly suited for any outdoor use.


18 W RGB Laser IP65
The perfect “work-horse” laser machine for our daily high-power needs, fantastic white balance of more than 12 W. Because of its IP65 protection rating this laser is perfectly prepared for any outdoor event, even on those rainy festival days.


18 W RGB Low Divergence Laser
The real industrial laser machine with 380 kg per unit. But this deal brings you a divergence less than 0.3 mrad and perfect white light balance of real 18 W. These devices are the ones used for the laser rainbow or any special laser mapping and projection purpose.


11 W RGB Laser
The one-for-all aerial-effect laser or daily-use projection-unit for indoor applications. Small, lightweight (7 kg), stylish housing and pure diode technology with 9 W white balanced output. This laser does it all and by including an additional grating “burst” effect it looks just fantastic on site as well as on any TV broadcast.


5 W RGB Laser
Get this one in pairs to add more spice to your show. Even with its smaller output power, it’s the best choice for adding more effect for little budget to your show – Not ranking behind the manufacturing quality of the more powerful laser units: always a professional choice for a budget value.

120 W YAG green
The green beast. Don’t ask for other colors, it’s definitely green only, but with a full load of it. Great divergence, luxurious power reserve and a stunning effect, easily covering up to 50 km around your spot with laser beams, fans and even protecting you from any alien attack.


40 W YAG green
Tree-sized green beams, stunning light explosions if targeted to mirror balls – and the solution if there is no smoke or too much firework lights to be expected at the venue. A laser that will easily cut through any haze.


10 W OPS, 8 W OPS, 5 W OPS, 5 W DPSS green lasers
Pure green lasers, small housing, partly in IP65 housing for outdoor use – and with a low divergence option for projection purposes.


DSP Lasergraph Workstation
With 4-Channel output 19” rack-mount, industrial grade real-time laser show controller, supporting DMX, ArtNET, OSC, MIDI, TCP/IP, SMPTE Timecode, VITC, RS232.


Wir haben Live-Shows neu entwickelt und auf das nächste Level gebracht


All unsere Operator sind hervorragend geschult


Events in vielen verschiednen Ländern weltweit


Following the philosophy “form follows function“ we want to provide a laser show that fits the situation and not necessarily exhaust the technical possibilities of the device.