Live Lasershows

Many years, ago we started to professionalise and perfected laser shows, bringing them to a completely new quality level. Our in-house developed live operating system in combination with a professional light desk enable an unmatched fast reaction and variation according to the musical developments. Even if an artist all of a sudden decides to perform a song unknown to us, we can react instantly and ensure the perfect laser show. Clear images, minimalistic forms and majestic movements guarantee moments that send shivers down your spine, not leaving any cameras in your audience’s pockets! Whether we are working with four, twelve or 40 lasers – our experience with every scale of live laser show expands over many years and we will not hesitate to use it.

Laserafabrik lasershow Untold Festival 01
MD21 stream 009 STEI5008

Even though our lasers can emit 16 million colours at the same time we prefer to match our light designs with the concepts of the other trades thus creating holistic looks. Following the philosophy “form follows function“ we want to provide a laser show that fits the situation and not necessarily exhaust the technical possibilities of the device. Our crew love their job and you will notice this with highly emotional shows that are unrivalled – unique technology, innovative software, professional implementation and highly motivated operators make our live shows unbeatable.

Other Services

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