Product Presentations - Welcome to Laserfabrik
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Art Projects

Extraordinary projects require extraordinary measures – and thanks to our team we are able to take onto and master any kind of challenge. We have been able to prove this with many remarkable art projects and have always been able to implement any effects and impressions the artist was aiming for at the time, no matter if the laser effect was merely a supporting effect or even the main element of the installation. No scale is too small or too big, too unusual or too far off a “classic lasershow”.


We gladly take on this constant source of new challenges and explore new territories with all the ways we can put laser technology to use. Because of the particular usability of laser light, static as well as dynamic optical boundaries or connections can be created, that would be impossible to achieve in any other physical way, thus creating completely new spaces for the spectator.


Wir haben Live-Shows neu entwickelt und auf das nächste Level gebracht


All unsere Operator sind hervorragend geschult


Events in vielen verschiednen Ländern weltweit

View the Gallery of our Global Rainbow Art Project

Anaklia Bridge

Lasershow at the 25th anniversary Mayday Festival in Dortmund, Ger
Lasershow at the 25th anniversary Mayday Festival in Dortmund, Germany.
Lasershow at the 25th anniversary Mayday Festival in Dortmund, Germanymany.


Following the philosophy “form follows function“ we want to provide a laser show that fits the situation and not necessarily exhaust the technical possibilities of the device.